Manufacturing and Food Processing

Manufacturing facilities pride themselves in not only on creating excellent products, but also on running clean production lines devoid of illness-causing contaminants. When it comes to manufacturing, pests pose a serious threat to your final product, the health of your workers, and your reputation. This is why pest control is such an important part of production.

Pest control in the food processing industry must be proactive in prevention and train employees to help maintain the facility, not only in the work areas but also in storage, break areas and exterior parts of the facility. Pestokill from its decades of experience in managing such facilities have learnt to provide answers to the questions - How should you store dry foods to prevent pest infestation? What should food workers do to prevent pests?

We know what is at stake with the health and the food safety regulations and are prepared to help your manufacturing and FNB facilities. Contact us today to create a pest free environment so you can focus your time on your business and bottom line.

Service Highlights

  • Licensed pest control professionals who tailor pest control treatments to your specific needs
  • A thorough initial inspection and evaluation of your facility, identifying exit and entry points and high risk areas
  • Highly effective pest control treatments that remove pests quickly and permanently
  • 24x7 service availability and flexible schedules to ensure minimum disruption to your day-to-day activities
  • Options for unlimited number of emergency callouts with a response time under 24 hours
  • Products and methods that are proven to be effective in the control of pests including chemical-free treatment procedures for sensitive locations
  • Documentation, from monitoring reports to recommendations to ensure compliance with the municipality and other regulations
  • Exceptional customer service you can trust